Freddie Bryant

Hi Freddie,
We met a few years back. I took a lesson and I saw you at the North Hampton jam. I practice lots of different qigong styles and play guitar for 40 years now. If you want some extra teachings at the workshop and and another advanced guitarist at your workshop, let me know.
John Kozinski

Freddie Bryant responded on 10/20/2014

Hey John. Thanks! So sorry I didn't see this but I think we communicated through Facebook, right? Or was that email? Anyway hopefully there will be other times to connect. I'll be with my quartet at the Iron Horse on Dec. 13th. Hope you can make it. Then am planning two short jazz/tai chi weekends in January. Not sure there's enough time but someday perhaps we can do a trade/barter collaboration. Be well and stay in touch (email is

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